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Applied Standard

  • Tool Steel
  • ASTM A681:2004 Standard Specification for Tool Steels Alloy

    DIN17350 Tool Steels; Technical Conditions of Delivery

    DIN EN ISO 4957:1999 Tool Steels

    GB/T 1299:2000 Alloy Tool Steels

  • Structural Steel Forging
  • DIN 10250-1/2/3 Open Die Steel Forgings for General Engineering Purposes –

    Part 1: General Requirements

    Part 2: Non-Alloy Quality and Special Steels

    Part 3: Alloy Special Steels

  • High Speed Tool Steel
  • ASTM A600-92a Standard Specification for Tool Steel High Speed

    GB/T 9943:2008 High Speed Tool Steels

  • Ultrasonic Test
  • SEP 1921:84 Ultrasonic Testing of Forgings and Forged Bar Steels from ~100mm Diameter or Edge Length

    DIN 10160:1999 Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Flat Product of Thickness Equal or Greater than 6 mm (Reflection Method)

    GB/T 2970-2004 Thicker Steel Plate-Method for Ultrasonic Inspection

    ASTM A388-07 Standard Practice for Ultrasonic Examination of Heavy Steel ForgingsText here